The 15th Macau Food Festival

       Organized by the United Association of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macao, the 15th Macau Food Festival is going to be convened at Sai Van Lake Square from 13th to 29th November 2015.  With the slogan of “Fab Flavours” this year, we surely will bring you a wonderful Festival with full of fun and delicacies.

       As an annual supportive event of the world famous Macau Grand Prix, the Festival comes to the fifteenth event this year.  Over one hundred and fifty food merchants will participate in the event.  They will be grouped into five food zones, namely from Chinese Restaurant Zone, European Delicacies Zone, Asian Delicacies Zone, Local Delicacies Zone and Dessert Zone, which provide a wide varieties of cuisine to let you experience different culinary cultures from all over the world.  

       This year the Organizing Committee has invited 25 food and beverage merchants from Korea to join the event.  A Korean Village will be built at the lower level of Sai Van Lake Square, in which the participants will present the authentic Korean delicacies and give the residents and tourists an exosmotic Korean experience.   

       To enliven the atmosphere, there are special programs every night during the Festival.  This year the Organizing Committee specially invites the famous celebrity, Ms. Maria Cordero, to show her culinary talent on the stage at the Festival.  Her lively performance and funny interaction with the audience will certainly be the highlight of the event.  Moreover, a lot of game booths will be set up on-site with attractive prizes to create a slave of pleasure and wonderful carnival time.  To make the Festival even better, the Macau Government Tourist Office will arrange two firework display at 9p.m. on 14th & 22nd November.

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