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By embracing the policy of "One Country, Two Systems”, devoted to unifying the catering industry of Macau to ensure legitimate rights and industry interests. Advancing business communication and connections among Macau's catering businesses home and abroad, UAFBMM endeavors to promote the prosperity of the Macau Special Administrative Region of People's Republic of China.


Introduction of United Association of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macau (UAFBMM)

The United Association of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macau (hereafter refer to as UAFBMM) was founded on 1st Nov, 1967. With support from members of the catering industry and all previous committees, UAFBMM has dedicated itself in unifying the entire catering industry, ensuring legitimate rights and interests of members. UAFBMM has been acknowledged by its members.

Society does not hold its steps as times goes on. In 1999, the 1st "Macau Culinary Exchange Exhibition" was held in Macau in which overseas participants such as Malaysia had took part in the exhibition. Since 2000, the "Macau Food Festival" has been held for consecutive 16 times and has been appreciated by Macau government and the public. Since the end of 2008, the "The Funding Scheme For SME Old Diners" had been launched with support and sponsored by Macau government. The scheme is intended to provide all-around assistances and financial support to SMEs with rich traditional features and peculiarity of business, and to make endeavor to the conservation of local unique catering culture. The UAFBMM has provided on-job training programme for catering industry for 15 years in a row and more than 24,908 employees have participated with satisfactory outcomes.

In 2002, UAFBMM was awarded with "Certificate of Merits" by Macau government. All members, the catering industry and the committee are honored for this glorious recognition by the public. UAFBMM will continue to work with other industry and promote a better tomorrow for Macau.


History of UAFBMM

UAFBMM was founded on 1st Nov, 1967 with the initial registered address at 3/F, 18-A Rua de Baía do Mastro. In 1973, the office at 2/F, 88 Tower A/B, Rua de Cinco de Outubro was purchased by the UAFBMM with support from members. In the opening ceremony, Mr. Ho Yan, the President of China General Chamber of Commerce, along with talents and organization leaders had come and delivered speeches. In 1987 for the growth of UAFBMM, the Honorary Chairman Dr. Stanley Ho Hung-sun together with social elites and members had funded for the new office at 1/F, Tower E, Highfield Court Building, Avenida Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues. Then due to the further development, UAFBMM had moved to the present address Room R/S/T, 8/F, Walorly Building, 335-341 Alameda Dr. Carlos d'Assumpção on 10th March, 2005.

With support from Chamber of Commerce and committees, UAFBMM had overcome multiples difficulties and able to unify the catering industry. UAFBMM has always been ensuring legitimate rights and interests of catering industry, and the conciliations of conflicts regarding industrial and commercial incidents. For the purpose of introducing Macau culinary culture and promote innovations in industry development, the "Exchange Exhibition of Macau Cuisines" was held in 1999 by local catering industry. Industry leaders such as Mr. Jiang Xi, the Chairman of World Federation of Chinese Catering Industry, had visited Macau for congratulations. Neighbouring countries such as Malaysia were also invited to participate in this event.

With support from Macau government, UAFBMM has hosted the "Macau Food Festival" for 16 times as well as the social welfare activity of the phase 1 to 4 "Funding Scheme For SME Old Diners ". All of these has successfully unified investors and employees of catering industry. Through the collaboration of various stakeholders, Macau’s culinary culture has been recognized by local and overseas tourists.

Introduction of UAFBMM Affairs

Exchange Session by Visiting Foreign Professionals

UAFBMM has organized multiple exchange session, cooking contests and study session for members and chefs in Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, and Germany. These can promote Macau as a Paradise of Cuisine and improve the performance of Macau catering industry no matter in technique and customer service aspect. 

Training Programme

The “On-Job Training Programme in Macau Catering Industry" is organized by UAFBMM with support and funded by Macau Institute of Management and Macau government. This programme had provide training for catering professionals for consecutive 15 years and 24,908 employees have received professional training. The programme greatly improves the performance of catering professionals and is highly praised by the industry.

In order to improve the professional management knowledge of the catering industry, UAFBMM has organized exchange sessions with overseas professionals to provide theoretical and practical knowledge exchange. The certificate programme also include practical knowledge such as Basic Catering Conversation in English, Marketing Skills of Catering Products, Food Hygiene, Professional Liquors, and Menu Design. As all programmes provides useful practical knowledge, industry response is good. Numerous participants registered under various catering organizations have signed up for our programmes.

Annual Scholarship

For encouraging members' children study performance, annual scholarships for good academic performances have been issued every year. Any student whose parent has registered membership of commerce and is studying at public primary and secondary schools with qualified yearly academic and behavior performances may apply for the scholarship. The scholarship for secondary school is divided into two groups, the Senior 1 to Senior 3 and Junior 1 to Junior 3. Students with average scores exceed 80 or above and behavior performance is B grade or above is qualified to receive a scholarship for MOP$1,500/per student. The scholarship for primary school is divided into two groups, the Primary 5 to Primary 6 and Primary 1 to Primary 4. Students with average scores exceed 85 or above and behavior performance is B grade or above to be qualified to receive a scholarship for MOP$1,000/per student. Additional Special Awards will be presented to the students of best academic performance among Senior Secondary, Junior Secondary, Senior Primary, and Junior Primary Groups, and the award holders will be treated to a feast of shark's fin and roaster as encouragement.

Awarded Certificate of Merits

As a result of the support from members and committee, UAFBMM was awarded with the Certificate of Merits by Macau government in 2002 as encouragement for sustainable improvement.

Growth and Development of UAFBMM Affairs

For the needs of manpower for annual food festivals, on-job training programme of catering professionals, and development of UAFBMM affairs for exchange sessions with foreign catering professionals, the original office had not enough space. With support from social elites, the Honorary President of UAFBMM and members, UAFBMM purchased a new office at Room R/S/T, 8/F, Walorly Building, 335-341 Alameda Dr. Carlos d'Assumpção. All computers and facilities have been upgraded for future development of UAFBMM affairs and provide better services for our members.

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